Legacy Society

Legacy Society

The St. Mary Magdalene Legacy Society is funded by parishioners and friends of St. Mary Magdalene.  Legacy Society funds enable the parish to continue to change peoples' lives for the better. Your gift can be used in any way you designate, and can be for any amount.


The sacrificial giving by good parishioners from years gone by has made our community the wonderful place of worship and fellowship that it is today. Giving to the Legacy Giving Program supports the mission and ministry of St. Mary Magdalene Church today. It also allows us to reach out to those searching for God's love and presence in the future.


Gifts received will enable our community to proclaim the mission of Jesus Christ!


Ways to be in the Legacy Society:


Name St. Mary Magdalene Church in your will in the form of a:

  • Residuary Bequest - After payment of all debts, taxes, expenses, and other bequests, the remainder may be left to St. Mary Magdalene.
  • Percentage Bequest - The donor specifies St. Mary Magdalene is to receive a percentage of the residuary estate.
  • Specific Bequest - A specific dollar amount or item of property is designated for St. Mary Magdalene.

Establish a charitable remainder trust that can provide a lifetime income, as well as a present tax deduction ($100K minimum).


Name St. Mary Magdalene Church as the beneficiary (or partial beneficiary) of a life insurance policy, or take out a new policy on yourself and make St. Mary Magdalene the beneficiary and the owner (which has tax advantages, and SMM benefits even if premium payments stop).


Purchase a gift annuity through the Diocese Foundation, receive guaranteed fixed payments, and St. Mary Magdalene receives the remainder upon your death ($10K minimum).


To give a lasting legacy gift, please complete a Gift Intent form, linked below or available in the parish office.


For more information contact Carl Toomey.

Last Published: March 27, 2015 4:50 PM